The upgrade system, called Blacksmith, allows the player to level up Equipment to increase the number of perks it can unlock and improve their visual appearance. In order to upgrade a piece of equipment, different components will be necessary:

  • Equipment piece to be upgraded.

  • Scrap: Ingredients that the player has to collect to be able to level up an equipment piece. Scrap can be obtained through missions or through progression systems (both free and paid). Each item will need different scrap types to level up, and the amount needed will increase the higher the level of the item to be upgraded is.

  • Payment: Any player can upgrade an equipment piece for free, but it is a slow process that takes a long time to complete. To speed it up and finish it instantly, the player can use Domenite (softcoin). The amount will depend on the stage of the progress that the unlock is at. The smaller the remaining time is, the cheaper it will be to pay for it to finish the upgrade and there will be some bonifiers to decrease the cost of leveling up.

Leveling up Equipment

To level up equipment pieces, players will have to play with them selected in the customization screen. It will work a bit different depending on the type of skin:

  • Character skin: The skin levels up by using it in a game and completing in-game actions like opening chests, killing other players…

  • Weapon skins: Works similar to character skins but the player must have the weapon in question equipped in their inventory in order for it to level up.

Depending on the tier of the equipment piece, the player will have the ability to level it up more or less, and therefore obtain a greater or lesser amount of perk tree upgrades and/or cosmetic changes.

Perk Tree

Each skin will have a perk tree, divided in different levels. Depending on the skin’s tier, the tree’s level will be higher or lower. Once a player has enough scrap and has just leveled up a skin, he will have to choose the perk that will be unlocked once the upgrade is done. Upgrading a skin takes some time, but it can be shortened by using Domenite or Time Crystals. If at any point the player isn’t satisfied with a skin’s perk distribution, paying to reset the perks and reselect them will be possible.

With each new level, the skin will also have some sort of visual upgrade/improvement to let both the player using it and other players know in what stage of improvement it is with just seeing it.


In Domenation, there are some special items which go by the name of Scrap. Scrap is used almost as an ingredient or material to perform item upgrades.Scrap pieces will be obtainable through different methods, mainly daily missions and through progression systems. Scrap might also appear during a game or as a reward after a game.

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