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Game modes

Domenation has several game modes that can be accessed from a selection menu. Players will be able to choose between regular and competitive modes. This section will also show limited time game modes or events. Players will be able to play solo or in teams.
Game mode selection screen

Quick Match

Free to play mode available to all players. There is a MMR/ELO system in order to balance the matches and improve new players’ experiences. During the first matches, players will undergo a learning process fighting against other players and bots. As the player’s skills improve, the number of bots per game will decrease, increasing the number of real players. In order to provide a good gaming experience, players will be matched up with other players of similar skills and level, ensuring balanced games.
Players will be able to complete missions in this game mode, as well as obtaining special rewards like tickets for the Dome Hunter tournaments if they get lucky.

Dome Hunters

Pay to earn mode. Pay with a ticket to enter the mode and earn NFT cups that will be exchanged with $DOMEN on the market place.

Dome hunter basic games

Regular Dome Hunter matches will be played with small or medium prize pools.

Dome hunter tournaments

Once or twice a month a series of matches like dome hunter with a big prize pool will take place. Players will need a special ticket to be able to access it and fight to earn big rewards.

Dome hunter HUGE tournament

Once a year will appear the HUGE Dome Hunter tournament with a HUGE prize pool! It will have nothing to envy any other esports big tournament.
Victory screen