Achievements and Missions

Missions are objectives that players must complete in order to get level points for progression. There may be missions that give away more than just experience points, but also NFT rewards. There will be different kind of missions:

  • Daily: These missions will appear once a day and only last for 24 hours. They will grant a small amount of Battle Pass points, and some might even drop upgrade scrap or trinkets. They will have tiers depending on its reward and difficulty level, distributed so that there is a bigger amount of low tier missions than high tier ones each day.

  • Weekly: These missions will unlock at the start of each week, and will remain active until the season ends. Each week, a new bunch of missions will be unlocked. They grant high amounts of Battle Pass points. Most of them will be locked unless the player acquires the premium version of the Battle Pass, although some of them will be available to everyone.

  • Event: These missions will only appear during certain events, and they will grant special rewards related to the event they represent, like icons, graffiti or emotes.

  • Weapon exclusive missions: Each weapon will also have its own set of missions which will imply using it, which will grant players with different upgrades and exclusive skins to show off how good they are with that specific weapon.

  • Global achievements: General achievements where players can unlock soft coin (Domenite).

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