The multi-tiered farming system offers users various options. This system is designed to provide diversity in the farming experience, catering to different user preferences and strategies.

In the farming system, there will be several tiers or levels, each with its unique characteristics. Users can choose their desired tier, each offering specific advantages and disadvantages. Each level has specific token allocation limits.

Users participating in this farming system will have the opportunity to farm various items, and the availability of these items will differ across the tiers. The speed of unlocking rewards is directly related to the range of token capacity allowed for each tier. Simply put, a wider range between the minimum and maximum token allocation results in faster reward unlocking.

We believe that this approach will empower our users to make informed decisions about their farming activities, offering a dynamic and engaging experience. While this farming system is still in development, we look forward to sharing further details and progress as we work on bringing this concept to fruition.

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