In the next big update for Domenation, get ready for an awesome new feature – a whole range of vehicles! These aren't just your average, run-of-the-mill modes of transport. They're going to completely change how Hunters play the game.

First off, these vehicles are all about making you move across the map like never before. Imagine zooming through vast terrains or swiftly moving to a new spot in the heat of battle. These rides are going to make you faster and more agile, opening up tons of new strategies and ways to dominate the game.

And it's not just about getting around faster; these vehicles are going to amp up the action too. Think high-speed pursuits, ambushes from a speeding vehicle, or even using cool, built-in weapons that come with the vehicles. This is going to add a whole new dimension to your fights.

So, these vehicles are way more than just a way to travel; they're a game-changer. They'll introduce new strategies, tactics, and some truly epic moments. Plus, you will be able to customize them with different skins to make them uniquely yours. With these vehicles, the future of Domenation looks incredibly exciting.

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