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Game’s Background

The project was born in 2018 while a small team of devs was working on an ambitious open-world shooter based on SpatialOs, the MMO technology from the British company Improbable.
Looking for a considerable differentiation from the battle royale games and other shooters of the moment, in 2019 the project began a pivot process implementing a great change in the design of the game concept and its technology, betting on Unreal Engine and Amazon's AWS Game Tech. After some relevant progress in the project, AWS establishes a partnership to support the development of Domenation.
As a result of the change, the team managed to develop a never-before-seen mechanic based on a domes and pulses system that sets Domenation apart from any other shooter game. Its uniqueness could mark the beginning of a new shooter subgenre like Battle Royale was.
Once the main technical challenges of the project were overcome, in 2022 blockchain gaming companies Chromia (Chromaway) and Nexxyo Labs joined Blackmouth Games to support the Domenation web3 development and its success.
Domenation concept art