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Game economy

Domenation´s game economy builds a Play & Earn layer over a Free to Play system, maintaining both models to keep together web2 y web3 players in one single shooter game.
Without entry barriers, web2 players will also be incentivized to be part of the Play & Earn layer creating together a larger and more committed community.
This are the main pillars of Domenation´s economy:
  • Token - Domenation ($DOMEN)
  • Soft coin - Domenite
  • Consumible items
  • Upgradeable skins and convertible to NFT assets
  • Ticket-based game modes
  • Play & Earn assets - NFT assets
*This chart is a reference it is not the final distribution

Main uses

Token - Domenation ($DOMEN)
  • Cosmetic NFT
  • Access tickets for exclusive tournaments and game modes
  • Smart Staking
  • Exchange the NFT Adquired on the Play & Earn Gamemodes
Soft coin - Domenite
  • Need for level up the NFT asset at the blacksmith
  • Accelerate blacksmith equipment upgrade
NFT assets
  • Web3/Web2 personalization player experience
  • Upgrade the skins
  • Access tickets and promotional discounts
  • Collecting and trading
Ticket-based game modes*
  • DOME Hunters mode.
* In a ticket-based game mode, players purchase an entry ticket to participate in quick matches with a prize pool with NFTs with a value similar to the purchased tickets. More info at Dome Hunters.
*This chart is a reference it is not the final distribution
Ticket-based game modes like Dome Hunter have mechanisms to contribute to the game economy by fueling game incentives for the community and new players without relying solely on the initial token distribution. Check the example in the following chart:
*This chart is a reference it is not the final distribution
In tournaments and competition modes, prize pools and game incentives will vary based on the league tiers and regions.