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The land of Domenation is made up of different biomes full of vegetation and reliefs that will help you draw up the strategy that will lead you to victory.
Game zones until now

Hollow pink

Mining town where all of the Domenite is extracted. Its characteristic rocky terrain, full of shiny pink crystals and industrial buildings, makes it really easy to see from a distance. Visitors must be careful not to fall down to the river that surrounds the town when trying to get there.
Hollow Pink screenshot


Mediterranean-style village located in the southeastern coast of Dome Island. Its characteristic white and blue buildings are an attraction for tourists from all over the world, who come to have a first row seat of the games.
Docks screenshot


The most arid part of the island hides many secrets. Its sand dunes and rocky mountains are home to the pipe systems that send the Domenite crystals from one part of the island to another.
Desert screenshot

Secondary zones

There are many beautiful sceneries to discover in the less crowded parts of the island. From beautiful beaches to secret laboratories, there's something out there for every visitor to enjoy during their stay.
Secondary zone screenshot
Secondary zone screenshot