Character skins

They are the most important pieces of equipment that players can obtain, having up to 5 levels of upgrade. Each of those levels will be able to unlock a new slot to equip upgrade objects / trinkets. Some of these will be focused on modifying basic character elements allowing players to specialize depending on their playstyle becoming, for example, tankier but dealing less damage in exchange. Others will allow players to add cosmetic improvements to their assets.

To increase the equipment’s level, players will have to play and unlock different objectives during the games while using the piece they want to upgrade.

Character skin missions examples

As mentioned before, players will have to complete missions in order to be able to upgrade any skin. Examples of what these missions could look like are the following:

  • Complete a game without dashing.

  • Run 1km in a single game.

  • Visit three major cities in a single game.

  • Open 20 chests.

  • Visit the highest point of the map.

  • Dance at Docks’ club.

  • Perform a 50 meter slide.

  • Find a player with the same skins as you.

Examples of skills/special abilities

  • Reduced explosive damage.

  • Higher sound detection radius.

  • Reduced sound when walking.

  • Reduced health/shield pack application time.

  • Get some kind of feedback when an enemy is aiming at you.

  • Collect ammo from ground weapons.

  • Better accuracy when sliding and in mid air.

  • Move slightly faster.

*All these power ups are just examples and not final ones to be included in the game

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