Character skins

Skins are cosmetics items that can give advantages to the player during the game. They can be either character skins or weapon skins. Given Domenation’s battle royale genre, the advantages received by the player will be minor and situational. We want to maintain the competitive mechanics and gameplay among players during each battle.

Every skin will have the following:

  • Level: Players will be able to level up skins by playing many matches with them equipped or using them in case of weapon skins. The maximum level of the equipment is linked to the rarity, being the following:

    • Uncommon: Maximum level is 1

    • Rare: Maximum level is 2

    • Epic: Maximum level is 3

    • Legendary: Maximum level is 4

  • Perks: Each Equipment will have a perk tree, each one of them divided by levels. Perks in the tree will be generated when the skins are created, being distributed by tiers and being different for each one. Each season, the perk pool will be different, making skins obtained in each season more unique.

Unlike any conventional "skill tree", it differs in the following way:

  • Unlock: In addition to having to level up to unlock the skill, a "Materials" currency will be needed to unlock the perk. The cost of "Materials" may vary depending on the perk.

  • Waiting time: Once the "Materials'' have been paid to unlock the perk, the player will have to wait some time for that perk to work in the game. The player can pay hard-currency to reduce the waiting time.

  • Rarities: More exclusive skins will have a more striking visual appearance and will also have access to more perks.

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