Item progress

In Domenation, some elements used to customize the player's avatar (Such as character skins) will have different levels. At the beginning, every element will have level one, but this level can be increased. Each item will have a maximum level that it can reach, which will depend on the tier or rarity of the item. That is to say, an uncommon item can only reach, for example, level 2, while a legendary item can reach level 5. With each increased level (each skin has a maximum level it can reach), the cosmetic aspect of the item and/or the highest perk tree level will be improved.

By doing this, we allow the player to customizeº their experience according to their play style, without giving them a competitive advantage over users who don’t have such upgrades.

In order to obtain a fair gameplay, the player will also have a progression system where he will need to play a certain amount of games in order to obtain the benefits of the objects that have been acquired by other means, for example by buying them in the marketplace. We want to transmit the essence of RPG games where the player must reach a certain level to be able to take their Equipment to the next level.

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