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Game pillars

Are you ready to dominate this new shooter? Fight alone or join a team in the battlefield, your skills and strategy will be decisive to achieve glory in Domenation.
Domenation is based on an innovative original mechanic from Blackmouth Games, making it different from any other existing game, even proposing a new subgenre of shooting games.
Domenation render
The main elements on which Domenation is built and which make it unique are:

Domes & Pulses

Find the Domes and take refuge from the pulse inside of them.
This mechanic consists of different rounds of pulses that impact the map, eliminating the players who are not under the protection of one of the domes that are deployed on the map every few minutes, generating intense combat for control of the protected areas.
In-game screenshot of domes

Loot Camps

Eliminate hostile creatures guarding chests to unlock valuable loot and surprise gifts.
Loot camps introduce the PvE component of Domenation, where players have to fight against NPCs who guard valuable loot made up of weapons, consumables, surprise rewards, etc. As the game progresses, the NPCs and the loot from the camps will increase in difficulty and rarity.
In-game screenshot of a camp


Compete against other players and earn exclusive rewards.
Domenation’s Dome Hunter tournaments have been designed taking into account players, streamers and casters, giving them match visualization and data tools that improve the competition experience with immersive streaming and spectator modes where extended data and statistics can be consulted in real time.
In-game screenshot of the final dome