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Blockchain technology

Our mission is to merge the mass audiences of Web2 shooter games with Web3 into a single gaming ecosystem.
In Blackmouth Games we believe that web3 is the future of gaming. Blockchain gives developers and users endless possibilities, greater freedom, security and a new gaming experience where being part of the game is now a reality; new models of game evolution based on decentralized governance, players are true owners of the purchased content and aso to trade it freely.
But Domenation goes further; the game token and the NFTs will be interoperable with the upcoming company developments and partner gaming platforms.

Integration and game

Domenation Web3 is based on Polygon (MATIC). This chain offers our players one of the lowest transaction fees, but also the security and confidence of being one of the most solid and used blockchains of the entire ecosystem.
To deposit NFTs into the game, in one hand the backend records the information to represent all Web3 assets owned by the player in the player's account and in the other hand the deposited NFTs will burn to to avoid the problem of double duplicities
To guarantee the security of our community, Domenation players must pass a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) security filter to carry out any NFT transaction between the game account and any wallet or exchange.
(This section is under development, thanks for your patience)