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Meteor Airdrops

These airdrops are loot capsules that fall like a meteorite from space impacting on the ground in random locations of the map. Players will be able to find the rarest loot inside due to its scarcity during the game.
Airdrop render


Airdrops will fall close to future domes. By doing this, we guide the player to the next objective. Two airdrops can’t fall in the same place within a match, although they can spawn at the same time in different locations.


Airdrops, as lootchests, will have different tiers. In this case, they will only have two tiers, rare and legendary. As the game progresses, there is a higher chance of a legendary Airdrop, in order to reward the players who take the risk of opening one and becoming exposed to possible enemy attacks.
Tier distribution per round data table


As loot camps, meteor airdrops contain weapons, ammo, consumable items and grenades, but with a higher possibility to generate the rarest equipment and rewards.
Loot distribution per tier data table