Blacksmith - Fixer

The crafting system, which we provisionally call Blacksmith, allows the player to level up Equipment to increase the number of chip slots and improve their visual appearance. In order to upgrade an equipment piece, different components will be necessary:

  • Equipment piece to be upgraded.

  • Scrap: Ingredients that the player has to collect to be able to level up an equipment piece. Scrap can be obtained through missions or through progression systems (both free and paid). Each item will need different scrap types to level up, and the amount needed will increase the higher the level of the item to be upgraded is.

  • Payment: Any player can upgrade an equipment piece for free, but it is a slow process that takes a long time to complete. To speed it up and finish it instantly, the player can use Domenite (softcoin). The amount will depend on the stage of the progress that the unlock is at. The smaller the remaining time is, the cheaper it will be to pay for it to finish the upgrade and there will be some bonifiers to decrease the cost of leveling up.

Depending on the tier of the equipment piece, the player will have the ability to level it up more or less, and therefore obtain a greater or lesser amount of improvements and/or cosmetic changes.

Leveling up Equipment

To level up equipment pieces, players will have to play with them selected in the customization screen. While having an equipment piece equipped, players will obtain exclusive objectives related to it that will allow them to level them up. The objectives will have various levels of complexity which will offer players a reward in points proportional to the challenge they pose. Once players complete every objective for a skin, they will be allowed to level it up by using scrap. This leveling up process will take some time to complete, but it can be sped up with Domenite (softcoin).

Improving Equipment

Players will be able to add certain upgrades to their equipment, which will allow them to customize their in-game experience and plan out new strategies and team compositions for their upcoming matches. These upgrades will also allow them to customize the way their equipment looks.

For instance, player skins will be able to equip both perks and customization elements. With perks, players can add small variations to their gameplay which don’t give them a game-breaking advantage against other players but do allow them to modify their character a bit in order to cover their weaknesses or give them an upper hand in concrete situations. For instance, a player could equip a perk that reduces the damage they take from explosions by a slight percent, or a perk that might help them obtain more ammo from each pickup. On the other hand, weapons’ gameplay upgrades are add-ons like adding a muffler, a different corsshair or a bigger magazine to store more bullets.

Visual upgrades might include new VFX, new chromatic variations of existing skins or different sound effects.

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