As with character skins, weapons can also have skins that change the way they look and allow players to include weapon add-ons to personalize them in order to better fit their playstyle. Weapon skins can also be upgraded by completing skin exclusive missions and using scrap obtained by playing. As the skin levels up, it will give the player a number of upgrades:

  • Skin upgrade: The skin itself will improve as its level goes up, making it look better.

  • Cosmetic add-on slots: Players will unlock cosmetic slots for their skins as its level progresses, allowing them to add small cosmetic improvements like different trail particles or modified crosshairs.

  • Functional add-on slots: Players will unlock add-on slots for their weapons as the skin’s level progresses, allowing them to equip the add-ons they unlock by using the weapon and completing its objective/missions.

Weapon missions examples

As mentioned before, players will have to complete missions in order to be able to upgrade any skin. Examples of what these missions could look like are the following:

  • Kill 5 enemies with the Smought in a single game.

  • Get one kill with four different weapons in a single game.

  • Kill one enemy without aiming with the Scout.

  • Win a game only using the Greywing.

  • Win a game only using rare or lower tier weapons.

  • Kill one enemy with a melee attack.

  • Get one kill with the DieHard mid air.

  • Kill 10 rovers in a single game.

*These are examples not final mission examples

Examples of attachments / add-ons

  • Silencer - Less sound but less damage or range.

  • Laser Sight - Easier hip-fire aiming.

  • Stabilizer - Reduces sway of scoped weapons

  • Quick magazine - Reduces reload time.

  • Double magazine - Reduces reload time of every odd magazine.

  • Improved grip - Slightly reduces bullet spread.

  • Improved fire rate, decreases precision.

*These are examples not final weapon add-ons

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